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Off-plan Properties: Still a Viable Investment in Today’s Market?

Sales for off plan property in Dubai reached unprecedented record levels in 2017. As the sector’s robust performance is expected to taper off this year is now still the best time to invest in off-plan projects? Here are some reasons why buying off-plan properties in Dubai is still a worthwhile investment: A buyer’s market According to news reports, property prices are projected to drop between 10-15 percent this year. Occasional declines and fluctuations are typical in the property market. However, this would suggest that it’s currently a good time for buyers to invest. Seasoned property investors know that the ideal time to buy is at the bottom of the market cycle when softening prices give potential buyers stronger leverage in property deals. Take advantage of generous payment plans while they are still available Attractive offers from developers on post-handover payment plans was largely responsible for the surge in off-plan property sales. As payments for these properties ar
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Tips before buying an off-plan property in Dubai

If you’re planning to purchase an off-plan property in Dubai, you should become aware of certain factors in order for you to get the right off-plan property. It is true that having an off-plan investment in Dubai comes with numerous advantages, that’s why buyers and investors have seen great opportunity and profitable means of investment in the future. Here are some of the essential tips you need to consider before purchasing an off-plan property in Dubai. Location, location, location… One of the most important things to consider before purchasing an off-plan projects in Dubai is the location. Whether you’re an end-user or investor, you should identify which location in Dubai suits your requirements. Identify which properties are located in the city centre or near any lifestyle needs including transportation, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc. How much is your budget? Your financial capability is one of the driving forces when buying an off-plan property i